Indo-French Sustainable Development Awareness Program towards Global Environment Protection
India:1.3 billion inhabitants andrecord financial execution.The nation must presently guarantee its move towards a feasible mode of improvement, accommodating development and regard for the environment. “Incredible India” may be a megadiverse sub-continent that has all four seasons and a changed climate design. Mass tree manors are a incredible thought for cheap and beneficial Corporate Social Obligation. It is the primary step towards maintainable advancement and control over carbon impression. India and France have been effectively working together to illuminate different supportability issues from renewable vitality era to the blue economy and biodiversity preservation. There’s so much more to do respectively with climate fund and urban supportability, and multilaterally with the G20. All the fixings are in put for a vigorous climate organization. To strengthening shared commitments towards low-carbon development,Pradeep Global Foundation launched the initiative “Indo-French Sustainable Development Awareness Program towards Global Environment Protection” which is sponsored by PRADEEP SARL, FRANCE on 18 Feruary, 2022 in Uttar Pradesh with collaboration of NCC 36 UP Battalion (National Cadet Corps: which is the youth wing of Indian Armed Forces, a Trip-services organization compromising the Army, Navy and Air-wing). Pradeep Global Foundation supports the India & France formed alliance to strengthen their cooperation in sustainable development that boost global environment protection. India and France are mindful that the sea has endured the destructive impacts of worldwide warming and contamination due to human exercises which are showed basically through fermentation wonders, expanded push on common mineral and organic assets, drop in angle stocks, relocation and misfortune of marine differing qualities, contamination – counting plastic contamination – coastal disintegration and rising ocean levels. Event “Indo-French Sustainable Development Awareness Program towards Global Environment Protection” which was sponsored by Pradeep SARL, France was composed of 3 initiatives:

Sustainability Awareness Program:

Education for feasible advancement. India has made noteworthy advance towards climate alter activity & has as of now accomplished a 26% lessening of outflow escalated. Raising awareness of sustainable development issues.

Pradeep Global foundation appreciated AFD(L’Agencefrançaise de développement ) objectives which is to back feasible urban improvement, vitality moves, and biological conservation in India through an coordinates and inventive approach.(L’Agencefrançaise de développement : cultivating worldwide solidarity AFD contributes to the execution of France’s improvement and universal solidarity policy).


 “Reforestation can battle climate alter, elevate communities and reestablish biodiversity”. Trees advantage India in numerous ways. The primary and first way, tress ranch is economical generation. Intemperate deforestation will lead to consumption of the natural resource, eventually hurting long run of the Indian economy by expanding the necessity to consequence from other nations.

So, for maintainable improvement and end of the of the Indian economy, Indians advantage by planting trees all through their life. Controlling carbon footprint. Each tree devours approximately 21 kg of carbon dioxide to convert and give break even with sums of oxygen. Tree ranch will decrease the sum of carbon dioxide that each human produces through the utilization of oxygen and other natural things.

Each individual features a certain sum of carbon he/ she produces each day which is called their carbon impression. In the event that each Indian begins to plant trees, is looking at distant, an improved quality of life with an increment in oxygen and a diminish in carbon dioxide. Planting trees by Indians will deliver India a chance at making.z

Sustainably cleaning “Ganges River”:

“Ganges River” the 2,525 km (1,569 mi) waterway rises within the western Himalayas within the Indian state of Uttarakhand.An expansive number of tributaries like Alaknanda, Ramganga, Kali, Yamuna, Gomti, Ghagra, Gandak, Kosi and Sone, depleting 11 states of the nation connect Stream Ganga at distinctive conversion focuses amid its travel.

The stream is domestic to around 140 species of angle, 90 species of creatures of land and water, conjointly reptiles and warm-blooded animals, counting basically imperiled species such as the gharial and South Asian waterway dolphin. The Ganges is debilitated by serious contamination. This postures a threat not as it were to people but too to animals. The levels of fecal coliform microscopic organisms from human squander within the waterway close Varanasi are more than a hundred times the Indian government’s official limit.

“Pradeep Global foundation” took initiative to clean some area near Brijghat area(which is on the banks of Waterway Ganga at 5 km from Garhmukteshwar found at the popular journey put, almost 35 km from the locale central station, Hapur, on the National Moradabad National Interstate No.24)